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It doesn’t matter if you are a customer, or an administrator using the back end systems – our goal is to make everything easy, time efficient and scalable. Our second generation core product has been refined over 20 years of experience in ticketing, so you can take immediate advantage of our expertise.

Sales dashboard graphs in Ferve Tickets system

Customer facing technologies

Customer facing tech includes Point of Sale, Integrated EFTPOS, Customer account, Wishlists, Voting, Apps and much more…

Your customers will have a higher level of satisfaction, and buy more, as a result.

Point of sale terminal, printer and EFTPOS machine

Point of sale

The Ferve Tickets Point of Sale software has been specifically custom built for festival and venue installations and runs inside a web browser. It is simple to use, and requires minimal training for staff, typically as little as 10 minutes.

Access control and ticket scanning

We have been scanning tickets since 2006, and have developed proprietary systems that have at least 4 levels of fall back processing to cope with interruptions to WIFI or 4G networks due to signal interruptions (for whatever reason).  Scan offline and data goes back to the cloud after the network comes back.

Flexible fees

Booking fees can be structured in a way to be reasonable and lower than typical industry fees for customers, resulting in less buyer friction and higher customer satisfaction.

Sample pricing widget page on desktop and mobile app

Event management

Fast and easy event management with training that takes less than an hour.  Complex and powerful event editing that is really easy to use!

Reporting and analytics

Real time data, dashboards, enhanced Google analytics eCommerce and more make analytics easy.

Over 50 reports that are pulled in real time or able to be scheduled for timed delivery.


iOS and Android apps connected to your ticketing system, 

Event ticketing solution in use by venues