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Access Control

Familiar iOS apps for scanning ...

  • Simple and rock solid access control solutions, developed with 15 years scanning experience of millions of patrons
  • iOS app (FTScanTix) available from the App store at small cost per installed device
  • Works on low cost iPod, iPhone or iPad devices
  • Once loaded, scanner can go offline and still scan tickets seamlessly, later re-transmitting all collected data back to the cloud.
  • Look up customers by name within the app, (much faster than a door list)
  • Mark some or all customers on door list as attending, depending on who is present

... with the speed of a Laser

  • Laser scanners bases available, geared for absolute maximum throughput (typically 6-8 scanners for up to 3500 patrons)
  • Open mode to scan any ticket presented for any event
  • Closed mode to only scan tickets for a particular event (generates an error if scanning tickets for a different event)
  • Import tickets sold on other ticketing platforms (Moshtix, Eventbrite) for scanning inside the app
  • Scan paper, thermal, phone screen, even in minimal ambient lighting
  • Ferve apps self adjust brightness of display for optimal scanning speed and queue processing

Make access control easy

  • See reports of who actually attended
  • Separate scannable merchandise tickets for picking up candy bar or other purchases
  • User customisable permissions for scanning
  • Accessible interface allows visually impaired users to use headphones to scan (different sounds for different scan results)
  • Requires absolute minimum experience – often used by volunteers with 5 minutes training
Example tickets and merch stub for open air cinema