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Get control of your events

Don’t rely on ticketing companies to do work to manage the event, it is usually quite easy to run the event and change data as you need to. Better management of the event means happier customers that are more likely to re-engage and contribute to your bottom line.

Reduce operating costs

By using an efficient, scalable, and easy to use system you can significantly lower the time taken to achieve tasks, and lower costs.

Increase sales

With easy ways to purchase, lower external fees, coupled with being able to buy multiple events at once, means there is much lower customer buying friction and a higher chance of customer re-engagement.

Increase cashflow

Depending on the payment model and the eCommerce processing used, you could be receiving payments for events, passes, and merchandise weekly, or even daily. If using Ferve payment processing you can even refund tickets to paid out events, from funds collected on future events. Non event purchases like merchandise are usually paid out in the same payment period that they occur rather than after the event.
Event ticketing solution in use by venues

Surcharge cards correctly

Ferve provides an accurate way to set surcharges for Debit or Credit, Visa or Mastercard that means you are able to have customers cover the cost of the transaction. Rates can be set individually for each card acquiring scheme based off your calculations.

Increase profit

Your gross margin is directly affected by the operating costs of ticketing, the scalability of the system, the customer friction at checkout, and the percentage of tickets sold per event. When all those variables are in your favour, your bottom line can be significantly improved.