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Customer Facing Technologies

Ferve Tickets provides many customer facing technologies that help improve customer service and reduce labour for ticketing administrators.

Customer account screen in Ferve Tickets system

Customer account

The Ferve customer account allows self service for customers – reprinting tickets, seeing what has been booked, viewing or clearing credit card authorisations, exchanging tickets and more.


By embedding a link to your navigation menu, your customers can create a personalised list of events they are interested in. This list can be shared via email or social media to make coordinating with friends easy.

Online ticket exchange

Customers can self exchange their tickets in their account if an event is cancelled or if you allow it up to a set cutoff time before the event. Customers must add items to their cart at an equal or greater value (no refunds permitted) to complete the exchange.  A small fee can be added to optional exchanges, on a cancellation, no fees are usually applicable.

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Tickets on Mobile

When customers load tickets on a mobile device, a specific mobile view is presented that makes presentation and scanning of tickets easy.  No more scrolling around and zooming PDF files on a customer phone to try to scan a barcode.

Share customer data between subsidiaries

If you have multiple subsidiaries, it is possible to host multiple organiser accounts in the same system and share customers between systems. If a customer updates their account on one system, all subsidiaries receive the updated customer details.

Event reminders

Send automated reminders of events a number of days before the event.  Multiple events in the same day are aggregated into a single reminder email for the customer.


Android or iOS apps are available to help your customers easily buy tickets, browse the program, present barcodes for scanning, vote on sessions and manage their own wishlist – all with last second fingertip control.

Point of sale terminals

Ferve Tickets provides a dedicated Point of Sale software application that can run on any computer or tablet.  Your cashiers can quickly and easily help customers get the tickets they want.