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Reporting and Analytics


Realtime data

All system data occurs in real time, potentially hundreds of times per second.  As a customer purchases, reports are updated, dashboards refresh and scheduled reports retrieve up to the instant sales.



The system dashboards provide a high level view of customer activity and sales as they happen.  Gain insight into marketing activities that need to occur, or keep an eye on conversion rates and customer reactivation. See customer location and purchases in real time, as they happen.


Over 50 detailed reports are available in the system, which are updated in real time.  Typically reports run in real time over the data, and take less than 6 seconds to run.

Customised reports

If you have customised reporting requirements we can work with you to achieve those requirements, which can be added to your custom system.  Just let us know 🙂

Scheduled reports

Select reports to be automatically sent from the system to recipients you decide. Reports can be sent once-off, daily, or weekly, to as many or as few recipients as desired. Keep The Board in the loop or let event managers know how sales are tracking – just set it and forget it.

Export data

Export any report to CSV or PDF versions as required.


New v returning customers

Easily see repeat v new customer visitation and spend.  Clients with high repeat visitors grow strongly, and actively work towards reactivating customers.

Budget v sold reporting

Use Budget and Movement reports to compare overall position based on budget and actual sales figures.  Group events into program streams where needed.

Social and eCommerce analytics

Ferve supports extensive social media integrations using Google Urchin (UA), Google Tag Manager, and Facebook.  Our extensive documentation on Google Tag Manager makes this easy to set up.

Get detailed conversion reporting on marketing activity, see conversion rates, assess newsletter conversion rates all as standard.

See and convert more business.

Business Intelligence Systems

Ferve Tickets makes it easy to connect data in near real time to analytics packages such as Tableau or Power BI.  Create industry leading dashboards and data visualisations to assist you in growing your audience.