If you’re looking for a ticketing system that you can use to help a client achieve their ticketing needs, Ferve has a perfect white label solution that is used at a variety of scales, no matter the client.

Ferve provides the technology for some of Australia’s leading festivals, our highly customisable cart allows purchasing any number of events at the same time, saving time, increasing convenience, and dramatically improving sales.

You can choose to leverage Ferve’s inbuilt Browse and Event pages by styling with your own CSS, or perhaps provide a customised search and browsing experience for the client, then embed pricing widgets for a seamless purchasing experience.

Pricing widgets

Easily embed a script based pricing widget into your client website.  These pricing widgets can be styled, and appear in the page as HTML without having the security or control issues of an iframe.  Our widget delivery is rock solid, sending millions of widgets per month.


Ferve provide 2 main APIs for integration possibilities; a javascript API for displaying pricing, and a back office REST API that allows reading and writing data into the ticketing system.  The JS API is similar to an embedded pricing widget, but offers a bit more control over placement of elements, inputs, and styling options.


The Ferve Javascript API is a robust client side set of javascript scripts that are embedded into your website.  When a hash value is set on a page to indicate an item the javascript loads the appropriate pricing for display on the page.  Customers can add to cart directly from the page, and continue browsing for other sessions in the same purchasing session.

Due to CORS security restrictions JS produced widgets must be on the same domain, so www.clientnname.com and tix.clientname.com would generally be used with the ticketing system running on the tix domain.


The Ferve REST API allows reading from and writing data to the ticketing system with more than 24 different data models supported.

Developers working for our clients have used the REST API to get lists of events that are on, showing times and status of the session (selling fast, sold out) for display on other websites.  Some developers have integrated Salesforce, to allow creating of ticketing system events direct from Salesforce, and retrieve lists of customer attendees back into the CRM platform.


All Ferve styles are prefixed with ft_ and are unique for all areas of the application.  This allows you to easily set specific styles to achieve a certain look and feel. This documentation is available from Ferve.

Ticket layouts / vouchers

All ticket layouts are customisable – based on printable HTML and CSS, these can be easily edited and customised for particular client requirements.

Social analytics

Ferve supports extensive social media integrations using Google Urchin (UA) and Google Tag Manager, and Facebook.  Documentation on Google Tag Manager makes this easy to set up.