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Audience Growth


A platform for growth

Time after time, our system helps clients grow strongly, particularly in the first few years. Here are some of the top reasons why we help #GrowYourAudience.

Customer account screen in Ferve Tickets system

Easy to use system

It doesn’t matter if you are a customer, or an administrator using the back end systems – our goal is to make everything easy, time efficient and scalable. Our 2nd generation core product has been refined over 20 years of experience in ticketing, so you can take immediate advantage of our expertise to #GrowYourAudience.

Scale it out of the park

Our kernel mode caching can deliver 5,000 pricing widgets per second with ease, with no network errors or timeouts. (Tested with

An up to date technology stack on .Net MVC and SQL Server can be scaled to meet whatever demand you think is required, running on our private VMWare cloud, or leveraging Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.  

 If you have slow pages, lower sales result.

Technology that works with VMWare, Azure and AWS

Customisable, simple checkout

Our 2 step checkout process is customizable so you can record the right amount of information from customers.  Once an account is set up, customers can conveniently and quickly order again and again, leading to higher rates of re-purchasing and greater sales volumes.

True shopping cart

You would not go to the supermarket, and checkout each item separately. Ticketing should be no different. Customers can choose as many items as they like in the same transaction, removing one of the largest friction points – and you scale up accordingly. 

We have seen bookings with as many as 90 sessions purchased at the same time.

Sample pricing widget page on desktop and mobile app

Top reasons for using Ferve

Increased sales

There is a direct connection between you and your customers that can foster audience participation (and growth).

Reduced labour costs

Comp booking uploads, RSVP management, Self service exchange, fast Point of Sale, integrated EFTPOS and many other features reduce your labour costs, particularly at scale.

Enhanced customer UX

Match branding look and feel and embed pricing directly into your own web pages for better customer usability and experience.

Reasonable fees

Reasonable and customisable fees paid by customers reduce buying friction and encourage repeat sales.  Ferve fees to you are modest for the value provided.

Increased customer satisfaction

Customer account allows self management of tickets and bookings, reducing box office overheads and increasing customer satisfaction.

You own your own data

You own your own data, and can access all of it as needed for management and marketing decision making.

Real time data & analytics

All data reported in real time.  Strong integration with Google analytics and Facebook for measuring marketing ROI and conversion ratios

Event producer looking at sales graphs

Have a few minutes?

Get a one-on-one demo that’s quick and 100% focussed on your needs


Multiple product types


Passes are products that can be used to allow a customer to buy a block of tickets of a certain size and later redeem these tickets for the exact sessions or events desired. Passes work well to:


Packages are available in the ticketing system for the “curated” festival experience. By purchasing a package, the customer is purchasing all sessions within a pre-defined selection (for example, the Directors Cut). 


Foster long-term commitment from customers and reward your valued members with discounted tickets and special events. The membership system allows the customer to buy a membership product, and immediately be issued with a 7-digit serial number – this then allows access to tickets at member pricing. Different tiers of membership can be created with varying levels of price or quantity discounting. Automatic renewal reminders can be set to prompt customers to keep their membership number active.


Selling merchandise such as festival souvenirs or candy bar items is a great way to diversify your event’s revenue streams. You can upsell merchandise by suggesting them to customers while they are viewing their cart or certain events. Purchasing merchandise will also generate a scannable PDF voucher that customers can take to the venue either as a physical printout or on their phone. 

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be purchased on the system for nominated or any amount and distributed to a friend or relative with specific PDF artwork.  The voucher code can then be redeemed as many times as required to use up the voucher value.  Clients find that a certain percentage of gift vouchers purchased are not used, and by including in terms and conditions that unused vouchers become a donation at the conclusion of the festival, it is possible to create an additional revenue stream.


Donations are an important part of the life-cycle for non-for-profit organisations. A donation can be for a nominated or user specified amount.  The product can be viewed on the checkout screens to attract potential donors.


115%* growth over 4 years!

It is not uncommon for us to see growth of 30-35% in the first year, usually the result of meeting unsatisfied demand. In subsequent years the rate of growth usually declines slightly, but often remains above 10% even after 5 years. Over the first 4 years this could represent 115% growth, or more than double your current sales (just keep supplying sufficient capacity to meet that increasing demand).

* This data was calculated from our largest 10 clients in their first 4 years of onboarding with Ferve.


We support a number of integrations into other systems including: