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Flexible fees

Flexible fees

Ferve has a capable fee engine that can charge fees in very flexible ways.

This assist clients in either decreasing the cost of ticketing, or even turning ticketing into a profit centre instead of a cost centre.  It also assists in making pricing flexible for clients to help #GrowYourAudience.

Fees can be:

Ferve POS system with printer and Integrated Tyro EFTPOS
  • Be $ or % based
  • Apply to certain ticket $ price or booking $ total thresholds
  • Be per ticket or per booking
  • Include optional fees at checkout, for example if you want to charge an optional donation
  • Be surcharged based on card scheme used for payment (Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Mastercard Credit, MasterCard Debit)
  • Apply to certain start or end dates
  • Apply to certain item types (event, pass, merchandise, voucher, membership or donation)
  • Apply only to one or more specific items belonging to above groups
  • Apply to different sales locations eg Web vs Phone vs Counter sale
  • Apply to a specific venue
  • Apply to certain price types
  • Be capped for customers if desired
  • Be based on excluding certain items, price types etc (rather than inclusion)

Credit card surcharging

Ferve Tickets can accurately determine the type of card being used and optionally apply a credit card surcharge according to the card scheme.

The legislated (AU) card schemes where regulated surcharges can apply are:

  • Visa debit cards
  • Visa credit cards
  • MasterCard debit cards
  • MasterCard credit cards

This feature is available to certain customers and requires a monthly update of the fees based on your cost of acceptance.

A specific fee can be applied to Amex or Diners cards if desired.

Passing this cost accurately on to the customer allows for a margin of around 0.9 to 1.7% to be added to your bottom line.

Optional fees

Sometimes it might be desirable to add a fee that can be optionally be removed by customers.  Most customers don’t, but the few that care can remove a fee, saving time and aggravation from possible complaints.