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Flexible fees

Flexible fees

Ferve has a capable fee engine that can charge fees in very flexible ways.

This assist clients in either decreasing the cost of ticketing, or even turning ticketing into a profit centre instead of a cost centre.  It also assists in making pricing flexible for clients to help #GrowYourAudience.

Fees can be:

Ferve POS system with printer and Integrated Tyro EFTPOS
Visa, MasterCard and other credit cards

Credit card surcharging

Ferve Tickets can accurately determine the type of card being used and optionally apply a credit card surcharge according to the card scheme.

The legislated (AU) card schemes where regulated surcharges can apply are:

  • Visa debit cards
  • Visa credit cards
  • MasterCard debit cards
  • MasterCard credit cards

This feature is available to certain customers and requires a monthly update of the fees based on your cost of acceptance.

A specific fee can be applied to Amex or Diners cards if desired.

Passing this cost accurately on to the customer allows for a margin of around 0.9 to 1.7% to be added to your bottom line.

Optional fees

Sometimes it might be desirable to add a fee that can be optionally be removed by customers.  Most customers don’t, but the few that care can remove a fee, saving time and aggravation from possible complaints.

EFTPOS machine and debit card tap n go payment