Ferve Tickets provides an excellent small to medium venue ticketing solution.

Fast and easy point of sale

A web based Point of Sale that is fast and easy to use. Learn with a minimum of training – typically as little as 20 minutes.

Queue busting speed means you can process a complete order in 20 seconds.

With Tyro integrated EFTPOS you experience trouble free EFTPOS, Paywave and Apple Pay processing, all with no keying of amounts or need to replace EFTPOS receipt rolls.


Imagine adding a new show, and customers buying within seconds.  That’s the finger tip control given by adding iPhone and Android apps for your venue.  Customers can receive an alert on their app letting them know new shows have been released.

Customers can also purchase tickets, and present barcodes digitally in app for a truly seamless mobile experience.

Rock solid ticket scanning

Our iOS scanning app makes it simple to scan barcodes at point of entry.

If customers forget to bring tickets, you can look up by name in seconds and mark some/all them as attending.

Scan hundreds of tickets on a single device in a 15 minute window before a show.

For slightly larger venues, we recommend high speed laser scanners that make it even faster to scan customer tickets.  These retain the familiar iOS scanning application interface, but scan as fast as 10 individual barcodes in 3 seconds.

Keep scanning offline even if your Wifi fails (scanner requires internet to load event prior to commencing scanning).

Upload barcodes from other systems for split or consignment ticketing scanning.

Hardware for scanning can be rented for short run events, or purchased outright.

Event ticketing solution holds and allocated seating screenshot

Allocated seating

Flexible allocated seating options range from general admission (non allocated seats), fully allocated seating maps, or hybrid maps that have allocated seating but some general admission areas.

From 20 to 3500+ seats our HTML5 based seating works in all recent browsers for an easy customer experience.

Large in production seating maps include Melbourne Plenary (2500 seats), Melbourne Hamer Hall (3500 seats), Sydney State Theatre (2034 seats), Melbourne Regent Theatre (2164 seats), Melbourne Food and Wine Longest lunch (1800 seats).  Split maps into sections for even larger venues.

Build your own maps, or have us help you configure your venue with no fuss.


Fast, easy editing of data

Since all of your events are available in a simple to use admin system, you can quickly and easily add, edit and duplicate events as you need to.

  • Respond quickly and easily to customer enquiries.
  • Update multiple events quickly
  • Allow different users different levels of access


Extensive reporting and analytics

Our admin system provides a range of financial reports that are simple to understand, and allow easy reconciliation of financial sales.

We support a full suite of analytics for Google and Facebook.  You can use Google UA or Tag Manager to create conversion and tracking reports for analyzing social media spend and return on investment.

If you have particular reconciliation needs, we can work with you to provide customized reporting.

If you’re interested in data, we can help you connect to Tableau, a leading business intelligence software solution.  Using Tableau you can refine dashboards and key performance metrics to make it easy to understand where your sales are at, and take meaningful action to positively affect sales.

Inexpensive, reliable hardware

We’ve spent years refining hardware and testing in the field with major festivals. 

You can leverage our experience to purchase our venue hardware starter pack (see below), or get us to assist in developing a specific hardware solution for your needs.

Ferve POS system with printer and Integrated Tyro EFTPOS

Venue Starter Pack

This hardware starter pack for small venues consists of:

Valued at $1450 AUD,
Only $1149 inc GST
Save over $300

You’ll need to add:

2500 strong audience for a MIFF film

Venue Ticketing Custom Quote

If you have particular requirements for venue ticketing, we can tailor something specific to your software or hardware needs. 

Just let us know below:

Ferve Tickets event ticketing software screenshot

Scheduled or custom reports

Select reports to be automatically sent from the system to recipients you decide. Reports can be sent once-off, daily, or weekly, to as many or as few recipients as desired. Keep management in the loop or let event producers know how sales are tracking – just set it and forget it.

Or if you need some custom reporting, just let us know.

Event producer looking at sales graphs

Producer Portal

If you have a need for clients to put on events using your space, you can use our producer portal to give that client visibility over their own events.

They can see sales, and optionally get access to customer details for shows or events the client has sold.

Popcorn at the movies

Upsell merchandise online

Flexible ways exist to sell merchandise online.

  • Include upsell options on specific events
  • Merchandise with different stock level tracking per event, venue or globally

Using these options you can:

  • Add popcorn and drinks to a movie ticket
  • Sell a certain number of beanbags per session
  • Sell a certain number of choc tops online per venue without running out
  • Upsell a gift voucher at any location that effectively does not run out of stock
Redeeming merchandise onsite is easy with our scanning app.
  • Each purchase provides a customer merchandise barcode that can be scanned.
  • Once scanned, the merchandise has been picked up and cannot be redeemed again.