Ferve Tickets started life as a festival ticketing system, in fact “Ferve” is a combination of Festival and Verve.
While we now work with a much wider range of entities than just festivals, there are some unique things that make us uniquely suitable for festival environments.


Guaranteed launch on time

Our procedure guarantees you get your festival delivered on time and with assistance every step of the way. 

By filling out our online requirements form, you provide us with the details needed to ensure a smooth onsale as well as keeping track of your requests for future use.

Once the requirements are known, we provide the client with the key rollout dates associated with the projects go live. In doing so, we keep a line of communication open to the client if any changes to their setup were to occur.

We utilise ClickUp to track and monitor tasks regarding the setup and ongoing support of our live festivals. 

This ensures these tasks are delivered on time and with the full knowledge and experience our team has to offer.

Festival friendly features

Bulk upload data

Getting onsale can be quite a task with 500 events. By getting data into a simple Google sheet, you can easily manage data, and upload to the system in just a few minutes.

RSVP and comp upload

You may have thousands of RSVP or Comp ticket requests, all of which can be managed by the system. Imagine uploading a comp list that creates complex bookings for 3000 customers and emails all the receipts and tickets out in a few minutes.

Hold upload

One of our clients has more than 30,000 ticket holds, which can be uploaded using templates, or specific hold requests for each event. Holds can be removed manually, or automatically at a set date and time, or the tickets accessed and converted to a purchase in the Point of Sale.

Split allocation

Use allocated seating, or general admission events. Getting fancier you can create sections of a venue eg upstairs as general admission while retaining allocated seating in a different part of the same venue.

Mobile POS

Our small footprint hardware and small printer mean a single person can carry in and set up a mobile box office within 10 minutes. Sell anywhere and any time you need to.


Imagine carrying a 4000 event program in your pocket where you can easily search, filter and buy, while presenting tickets for access to events.

Generic attribute system

Tag event data any way you want to allow customer filtering and browsing in complex programs, for example film attributes might include Director, Language, Country, Type (Short/Long), and Year of Production. Writer attributes might include Author, Type of event, Bio, Country and Language. If using Ferve based browsing of events, these attributes can be filtered and searched as required.


These are great when you have slabs of a program that are at are near the same price.
Customers can pre-buy a pass of the number of events they want to attend, and then book events as they want to until the pass is full.

Passes can be limited to a single entry per event or allow up to N tickets per event depending on the setup of the pass. If the customer only redeems pass tickets in a booking, there will be no booking fee, and the customer can quickly check out without paying anything.

Reduced paper & ink consumption

Thermal printer ink is a very expensive substance, and customers appreciate greatly they can print 4 tickets on one A4 page. By using Apple or Google wallet functions of this system, or having an app, you don’t need to print anything 🙂

Minimal training

Festivals survive in part thanks to volunteer labour. The Ferve system is simple enough to train volunteers for scanning or point of sale roles; often in as little as 10 minutes.

Offline scanning

Scanning works great till you flood your venue with 1200 patrons.  No worries the Ferve scanning app will work offline to scan patrons just as fast as before.  When the WIFI recovers, all the data is then transmitted to the server.  Also great for queue busting down the street and round-the-corner scanning (we’re not kidding).

Super support

We’re there to help you get those events delivered.  If you need us, we have a wide range of ways of contacting us to get urgent support, including out of hours.  We stand by our system and your events!

Managed box office provision

Ferve Tickets installs over 80 temporary box offices per year, managing all aspects of hardware and network provision.  Our hardware rental program sources industrial grade components that have stood the test of time in demanding retail and festival  environments.

Real time reporting

Get access to your sales data in real time, including over 30 different dashboards.  If you need custom reports, Ferve can help you add these into the system (additional costs may apply for setting up complex reports).


Film distributor reporting

Film often has a distributor that requires a cut of the box office on a particular film. But with complex pricing this can be a nightmare to calculate across a larger program. Each price in Ferve can have a distributor price that allows any ticket type to count a particular amount of revenue, which may be different to the face value of the ticket.

Reports can be prepared across distributors, aggregating film data on a per distributor basis.

Indicative distributor reports, which show tickets sold, but not financials, can be used to keep distributors in the loop before final sales figures are known.

For distributors requiring percentages of ticket value (which might include add ons such as premium seating) Ferve’s system can split tickets into component parts.


Producer reporting & payment

For umbrella festivals which have producers putting on their own shows we have some additional value add features.

The producer portal allows a producer (putting on shows or events) to be able to log in and see sales as they occur in real time.  The producer can get access to customer information (or not, if required).  

When it comes time for payment, the Ferve system can calculate payments required across events, deduct fees (including your management fees as per ticket or percentage fees) and then pay producers the remaining income on shows direct to the producer bank account.