Pricing plans

If you’re not sure what you need, or you need custom pricing, just fill in our enquiry form and we will be in contact within 24 hours.


Suitable for most smaller events and venues.
$ 1
per paid ticket*
  • + 3.0% fee inc Credit card processing
  • Sell all product types, unlimited price types
  • Pricing widgets
  • Ferve or own merchant facility**
  • Your own domain
  • 24/7 monitoring and support


Suitable for larger events, venues and complex situations
$ 0
per paid ticket or lower*
  • Custom pricing & surcharging
  • White label templates (branded like you)
  • Custom iOS/Android apps*
  • Hardware rental *
  • Custom feature development *

What do these features mean?

A quick run down of the above features between plans.
(Note: Below is not a full feature list!  See the features menu for a complete list)

Unlimited price types

An Adult price is 1 price type.  Concession is another.  Create as many price types as you need. 

Product types

The system can sell Events, Merchandise, Passes, Gift Vouchers & Memberships, as well as collect Donations for suitable organisations.

Pricing widgets

A pricing widget is a small HTML code that embed pricing in your own web page

Merchant facility

This is how money gets processed.  You can use Ferve’s merchant facility, or provide your own facility on Pro and Enterprise plans.

You can add your own EFTPOS or cash handling and our system works everything out 🙂

Rest API

API is an application programming interface. 

Use our REST API to connect to other back office or line of business systems

White label templates

Sell tickets in your own branding (white label), using pricing widgets, and apply that branding to the ticketing system.

Hardware rental

Get a custom quote for industrial grade hardware rental, which might include Ferve installing box office locations for you.  Hardware might include computers, printers, Tyro EFTPOS, cash drawers, routers, WIFI, and iOS or laser scanners. 

Custom feature development

You might have an idea for ticketing that hasn’t yet been implemented.  Convince us of the value, and we’ll work with you to specify and build it! Development costs start at $180/hr ex GST.

Credit card surcharging

Custom plans allow surcharging customers a credit card fee based on card type which complies with ACCC surcharging rules.

For example each type of card visa debit, visa credit, mastercard debit, mastercard credit, diners, amex can have it’s own set rate for surcharging.

Custom apps (iOS, Android)

Leverage our custom apps for deeper customer experiences and possibilities.  Branded to look like you and available in Apple App Store or Google Play.

Flexible fee conversation

Ferve can structure bookings fees paid by customers to be reasonable and lower than typical industry fees, resulting in less buyer friction and higher customer satisfaction. 

Revenue collected from booking fees can be retained by you and can offset ticketing costs, even turning ticketing into a profit centre.

Fees can be dollar or percentage based, be per ticket or per booking, include correct surcharges, and many other possibilities.

Read more on fees