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Virtual Event Streaming


Sell on demand video, live event streaming, or offer true hybrid in person + live stream events with our cinema quality event streaming system.

Core Features

Video on Demand (VOD)

Fast, 1080p HD quality streaming in the best bit rate for several different device sizes and connection speed.  So your customers access to content when they want.

Live event streaming

Set up a live stream event, and connect any RTMP source (for example Zoom or Open Broadcast Software) to broadcast straight to your customers that have purchased.

In person event + VOD/Live event streaming

A true hybrid model – your event can be sold with either a ticket for in person attendance, or as a price which allows access to live event streaming or on demand video.  In short, great for fans of shows or screenings who can’t easily attend in person.

Live stream camera broadcasting an event
Streaming a virtual film festival while eating popcorn on the couch - Perfect!

Virtual Film Festivals

Easily setup full cinema quality (1080p) on demand streaming for your virtual film festival with easy to understand pricing around $1.29 per stream view (additional setup and ingestion fees apply).

Normal ticketing fees apply to all purchases.

Chromecast HDMI device

Chromecast, Apple TV ready

Our HTML5 player supports both Chromecast from Chrome web browsers.  Or you can use Safari to play on Apple TV and Airplay.  Lastly, if you are just using a web browser, you can use any modern Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera browser. So plenty of consumer choice.


Stream inside Ferve Tickets apps

If you are using Ferve Tickets iOS or Android apps, then you can stream natively inside the app.  As long as your mobile data speed is up to scratch, you can stream media from virtually anywhere. (Generally about 3.5 Mps is good enough 🙂

Read more about our apps.

OBS software being used to Livestream a beach party
Live Stream with RTMP software

Use industry standard software to live stream content

With open source and free live streaming software such as OBS, you can create and stream content while we take care of monetisation.  In addition, there is also a wide variety of paid RTMP software to make things easy and professional, including Telestream Wirecast, XSplit Broadcaster or VMix at prices ranging from $100 to $600 (or more) depending on your features or use.

Try OBS to start your live streaming journey.

Simple upload and ingestion

Create an on demand stream and then share a URL to your content provider to upload content.

Once uploaded, content automatically ingests and shows in your system as published for the event.

Content readiness report

See who has provided content, and who you need to chase so you can go on sale.

Event streaming software screenshot

Easy to use, feature rich streaming


Lock content to playback in only certain countries or regions.  Settable globally by the organiser on all content, or per individual content.  Specify Country and state (or region) to allow with 99% accuracy.  In conclusion, perfect for meeting distributor agreements.

Distributor reporting

Distributor reporting can automatically deducts streaming costs when set to the correct distributor price per stream.

Simplify your distributor reporting to make life a lot easier 🙂

Secured by Cinesend

Backed by a powerhouse in cinema distribution, content is secured in an AWS content delivery network (CDN) and delivered direct to your customers, with no lag or buffering.

Control viewing options

Allow single or multiple views of content. Allow a certain number of hours to watch. Automatically make content available from a certain time, and not available at an end time. All as global settings, with the option to override on specific content.  In short, flexible time options for content scheduling.

Ads and pre-rolls

Just like going to the movies, you can set up pre-roll adverts, announcements or other ingested on demand content to play in front of your content. Meaning: you have the same sponsorship opportunities as in person events.

Simple viewer experience

No messy voucher codes, multiple links and pop up windows.

So customers log in to their account, click On Demand, and click what they want to watch. Simple!

Range of player devices

Play on many different devices at native resolutions.  Suitable for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, tvOS and Chromecast devices.

Supported on modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera and more.

Data reporting

Get insights into your customers with detailed reporting on stream consumption, including location, time of watching, device, fixed/mobile internet, postcode and other data.

Compatible with Google analytics UA and GTM for live or later analysis.

Auto delete content

Set media content to auto delete on a certain date after you are finished with it or your licence to use the media ends.

In short, easy compliance with content licensing.


Virtual Writers Festivals

Setup live stream or on demand streaming for your virtual writers festival.  After a setup fee and nominal ingestion fees, you will pay around $1.29 per stream sold (additional setup and ingestion fees apply).

Normal ticketing fees apply to all purchases.

Live event streaming with simple technology

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