Android & iOS Apps

  • iOS and Android apps connected to your ticketing system
  • Branded like you, for your customers
  • Australian Mobile Awards winner in 2011 for the app framework
  • Easily search, browse and purchase events
  • Store and present tickets digitally within the app
  • Reduce queuing times by 30%, a result of better display of tickets.
  • Lower your CO2 footprint, 1/100th the carbon cost of printing tickets at home (studied in conjunction with The Carbon Reduction Institute)

Feature rich browse and buy

Offline browsing of content when out of Wifi or network range. Easily browse and tag sessions in a wishlist.  Powerful search features for filtering dates, venues, program streams or other attributes from the ticketing system.  Purchase sessions and receive tickets on the device.  Add tickets to Wallet if desired.


Push message opted-in customers

Send automated push messages to opted in customers reminding to vote on sessions, or manually advise of cancellations, changes or other event news.

Your phone is your ticket

Buy tickets easily on your mobile device and receive QR coded tickets for presentation and scanning at the door. Sales via apps for our clients are higher than phone room sales.

In large festivals, as much as 50% of all tickets might be displayed from these apps.

Improve queueing speeds with Apps

Our apps present barcodes more readily for scanning:

  • Barcode centred on screen
  • Screen brightness is temporarily increased if screen is dim
  • Customer can swipe to expose multiple ticket barcodes

Apps in App Store or Google Play

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Ferve Ticket’s client apps.

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